For when you’re feeling particularly sinful.

500ml Range

Indulge in our Forbidden 500ml range for those extra few sips of our devilishly good brew in every bottle.

Our 500ml range comes in:

  • Simply Apple
  • Lady Pink
  • Hopzilla
  • Lucifer’s Revenge
  • Perry Bomb
  • TBA – A new flavour coming soon!

Classically crisp & refreshing

Simply Apple Cider

The brew that started it all.

Our most popular flavour, this classic is made from a handpicked selection of New Zealand’s finest apples taken straight from our own orchard. Brewed to provide a crisp and refreshing flavour, our Simply Apple brew is made using traditional methods to provide that classic cider taste.

Sure to wake up your taste buds – it’s so good it should be a sin.

Tart & elegant

Lady Pink Cider

Glamorously naughty.

Using only the best 100% pure New Zealand Pink Lady apples, our Lady Pink Cider provides an elegant flavour that is the perfect balance between sweet and tart.

Refreshingly crisp, the taste and luscious pink glow will stay with you long after the forbidden fruit flavour has been consumed.

Bold & brassy


The hoppier the happier.

Not for the faint hearted. This devilishly bold yet brassy cider will carry you off to a tropical island paradise with its zesty, earthy tones.

Escape the nether regions of this world and find yourself levitated to the heavens above with hoppy induced euphoria. Just don’t tell whoever is up there how it came to be made…

Spicy & sweet

Lucifer’s Revenge


Brewed straight from the bowels of hell, this fiery yet beautiful brew combines the sweet buttery taste of mango with chilis as hot as the devil himself.

The end outcome is a taste so good of medium-to-dry sweetness that will bring you to question how something so truly evil could be so incredibly good.

Crisp & sharp

Kiwifruit Cider

Sinfully sharp.

Perfect for those sunny days or when it gets a little too hot in hell, this combination of apples and kiwifruit makes for a crisp yet refreshingly sharp brew.

Delight your senses in this enriching flavour and lose yourself in the forbidden fruits of our sins.

Sweet & smooth

Perry Bomb

Pear perfect.

As tempting as the forbidden fruit it was made from, give in to the peer pressure of our Perry Bomb and indulge in its flavour explosion.

Sure to leave your cravings in tatters, this delight is not in fact a cider but a perry (an alcoholic drink made from the fermented juice of pears) – hence the devilishly clever name.

Indulge yourself in our one-off releases.

Special Releases

Tune in to keep updated on our special one-off releases.

Sure to ignite the inner demon in all of us, these delights are not to be missed. As the name implies, they won’t be around for long.

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it? Well you can!

Choczilla – 500ml

You have to try this chocolate infused apple cider (ABV 5.6%) to understand it.

Take our apple cider marry it to some beautiful velerty chocolate made just for us from our friends at Chocolate Brown in Warkworth and what you have is a taste sensation.

Not just apple juice.

Waggle Dance

After 12 months in the making, we’ve created the perfect low alcohol cider. This full-bodied cider is made with apples fresh from our orchard and infused with locally sourced honey.

The subtly sweet, soft honey flavour combined with the refreshingly crisp apple makes it the perfect brew for some light Spring sipping – this cider will make you want to do the waggle dance.