Welcome to Forbidden Brewing Co.

Traditionally made cider with a modern twist.

There was a reason why you were told not to eat the fruit from the tree of Eden – they didn’t want you to discover the devilish delight of what can be made from it. Well we did and if that means we are condemned to suffer then so be it – the products we have created from it at our cider brewery are well worth whatever punishment comes our way. Try them for yourself today and feel guilt-free whilst doing so as we reap the payment of our sins.

Our Story

The devil is in the detail. From the Garden of Eden to The Cider Shed and your local stockist, journey with us on our story of Forbidden delight.

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Cider Shed

Better the devil you know. Our very own licensed restaurant and bar, come find out what we have to offer you at The Cider Shed.

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Featuring an array of flavours, check out our range of ciders here and decide which one rubs you the right way.. or the wrong.

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